Improve transportation mobility

Enhance transportation options through improved accessibility, connectivity, and collaboration

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OM 1.1 Ratio of peak to off peak travel times at targeted locations

Intersection study underway in 2021.  Staff identified priority intersections for review and selected consultant is beginning preliminary work.  Desire to see peak travel time no more than two times off peak travel time.  

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OM 1.2 Duration of 'rush hour' at targeted locations

Data collected will aid in determining traffic patterns at specified locations, duration of "rush hour", and allow staff to discuss where adjustments may be needed, i.e. traffic signal timing.

On Target
OM1.3: Linear feet of sidewalks, greenways, bike and pedestrian infrastructure (existing and new)

To be measured annually, target to see increase year over year.  2020 calculations:

  • 54 miles of streets
  • 179 acres of parks
  • 202 acres of parks and preserved open space
  • 8 parks
  • 9.7 miles of greenway
  • 7.2 miles of multi-use paths
  • 45,155 linear feet of sidewalk
  • 1,510 replaced linear feet of sidewalks (2020)

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OM 1.4 Funding streams and dollars leveraged

Calculation theory yet to be determined. Data to be reviewed on an annual, fiscal year basis, for completed projects during the review period.  Funding streams to be reviewed will include private, state funds, and/or federal funds.  

Near Target
OM1.5: Citizen survey mobility data

Surveys are conducted at specified intervals to gauge the community's mobility needs and understanding of mobility options.

Morrisville completed a Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update in March 2019, and a Public Transportation Study in October 2019, both utilizing critical public engagement and feedback on transportation and mobility, and how both will look in the future, in Morrisville. 

The Comprehensive Transportation Plan helps to provide guidance on multi-modal transportation planning (roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, rail) and the Public Transportation Study helped to define how a future public transit system could look in Morrisville.

Future Data
OM1.6: Bus transportation ridership

Data not currently tracked/available as service is provided by another agency at this time.  Once implemented, ridership data can be collected and assessed over time to determine the effectiveness of a Smart Shuttle Bus Program in Morrisville, as recommended by the Public Transportation Study.

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