Operational excellence

Deliver exceptional service with an engaged workforce that effectively manages public assets and promotes transparency

On Target
OM 5.1: Bond rating

Speaks to fiscal solvency, debt capacity, better interest rates for capital investments.  Assessed annually.

Morrisville continues to maintain its AAA Bond Rating.

Near Target
OM 5.2: Customer satisfaction data

Multiple departments have customer-facing roles, serving internal and external customers. As such, staff consistently seeks to improve service levels to the community.  To be assessed annually.

Data not consistently collected across all customer-facing departments.

Near Target
OM 5.3: Employee satisfaction data

Staff are Morrisville's greatest asset. Understanding workplace needs, challenges, and goals aid in ensuring employee satisfaction. Methods currently employed: bi-annual benefits survey, employee appreciation survey and other various surveys as needed.

Most recent employee survey completed in late Fall 2020.

Below Target
OM 5.4: Employee voluntary turnover rate

Staff retention is a goal for continued success.  A high turnover rate, for any reason, indicates that retention efforts are not successful.  Human Resources staff tracks and sets a goal of no more than 10% turnover or less annually.

Turnover in both 2019 and 2020 exceeded the 10% goal.

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