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OM 3.1 Applicable Citizen Satisfaction Data

The Town of Morrisville completes a National Citizen Survey every 2 to 3 years (surveys are generally not completed in election years).  Survey results are statistically significant. 

Most recent survey was completed in 2017.  For survey results and additional information, please visit the Town of Morrisville WEBSITE.

On Target
OM3.2 Participation in 4 Signature Town Events

Community participation in 4 signature Town events - Morrisville SpringFest, Morrisville July 3rd Fireworks. S'Morrisville, and Trick or Treat/Trunk or Treat the Trail.  As data is collected for each event over time, staff can better determine which outreach/engagement methods are most effective to reach and inform citizens and modify communication plans where needed.

Near Target
OM3.3 Town of Morrisville engagement opportunities and participation levels

Staff will assess programs/engagement opportunities annually.  Staff aims to provide information to and seek input from the Morrisville community on an ongoing basis for a number of needs. Most, if not all, engagement platforms have metric outputs demonstrating the "reach" of messaging and participation rate from the community. These metrics will help staff to determine how communication plans may need to be adjusted for different opportunities moving forward.

"Engage Morrisville" platform officially launched Spring 2021 and aims to provide two-way engagement, allowing user to both share and receive information.

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