Capital Improvement Projects

Unique construction projects that provide improvements/additions such as buildings, facilities and infrastructure. Projects listed are in progress, nearing completion, or in advanced development stage.

On Target Town Center Project
70% Complete
CY Q2-21
Last Updated: 07/20/2021
Complete a) Coordinate opening of Morrisville Community Library
Near Target b) Facilitate private development through adopted development agreement with preferred developer
Complete c) Related area infrastructure improvements
Complete d) Town Center Core Stormwater Control Measures

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Legend: Complete
On Target
Near Target
Below Target
Future Data
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2017: Demonstration project consists of library, residential units, commercial space, and structured parking deck on 4-acre tract. Town of Morrisville commits to design/construction of stormwater and street infrastructure. 

2020: Council expanded Phase One scope to 6-acre tract, providing greater development opportunity and potential; provides flexibility to single developer; allows for larger component of full Town Center Core Vision to be realized.

Developer proposals were received at the end of February, 2021.  Proposals were reviewed and shared with Town Council in April and developers met for discussion with Town Council in June.  Staff has been directed to work with one of the three developers to bring back a revised vision and a draft MOU to Council in August.

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